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Permanent Outdoor Lighting for Your Home

Bright and beautiful at night, our permanent holiday lighting is barely noticeable in the day because of our patented channel design. Our easy-to-use app empowers you to customize your lights for every holiday, sporting event, and special occasion. 


Trimlight eliminates the hassle and worry of hanging Christmas or holiday lights ever again! 

Our easy-to-use app makes customizing colors and patterns a breeze and with cloud-based technology, you can connect to your system even when you’re away from home. Barely noticeable during the day and bright and beautiful at night, Trimlight’s patented system is energy-efficient, adds to the aesthetic of your home, and is designed to last for years to come.


Never climb another ladder or hassle with tangled lights again. You’re covered by Trimlight’s lifetime product warranty and a network of authorized, factory-trained installation and service technicians.


Get a free, no-obligation quote for permanent exterior holiday lighting on your home.


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Our patented channel design offers multiple colors to match your home or business. Trimlight’s channel is the optimal size and scale to mimic a two-stage fascia. The channel blends into the roofline, hides wires completely, and secures the lights in place while adding architectural beauty to every building.


With virtually unlimited colors, patterns, and animations, our programmable system gives you the control and versatility to customize your lighting in our easy-to-use app. Access a library of preset holiday lighting patterns or schedule custom programs that put every color, pattern, animation, and timer option at your fingertips. Trimlight also offers three different spacing options for your lights.


Trimlight is proud to have over 250 authorized dealerships nationwide. A local, authorized, and factory-trained technician will guide you seamlessly through the Trimlight estimate and install process to deliver an amazing permanent lighting system to celebrate all of life's moments for years to come.


At Trimlight, we back our products with a lifetime product warranty. If a light should go out, a quick replacement is only a phone call away. Reach out to your local dealer and they’ll come back to replace the part for you—no ladder required. If you’re outside your local dealer’s labor warranty, a labor fee may apply.


Simply because it’s the first and best. While there may be copycats, the founders invented and patented LED trim lighting. Our innovative designs, easy-to-use app, and unrivaled lifetime product warranty set us apart as the best permanent holiday lighting company in the industry.

Trimlight’s patented channel design blends into your roofline so the lights are barely noticeable during the day but bright and beautiful at night, while still providing visibility at every angle. As a factory-trained, authorized dealer, we provide a professional, custom trim light installation. Once installed, you’re sure to love the ease of programming colors and scheduling timers in the app while never having to get on a ladder or untangle holiday lights again.

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Client Testimonials

We are super happy with our new lights. We got quotes from other companies but to be honest I’m too cheap to pay to put them up and then take them down. These lights stay up for good. This company was easy to work with and prices were fair. Thanks
Ryan G.
They look awesome. We love to decorate for all occasions and put lights up for everything. We went with Merrimack Valley Trimlight because we’ve seen their other work. Quick install. Hidden in a groove so can’t see in the day, but bright at night. The options for colors, flashing or not, flow, and design are easy on their app. The price is half everyone else for the same thing and she gets it down in a perfect manner - better than what I was hoping.
Trevor Y.